Collapse (EP)

by Famous For A Century

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released February 26, 2013

Written and recorded by Famous For A Century
Produced, mixed and mastered at SMG Studio, Washington DC

Famous For A Century is:
Aly Miramini - Vocals
Peter Christian Fraedrich - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dave Whitcomb - Drums, Backing Vocals

Additional vocals on "Displaced" by Matt Walkley
Additional piano on "Everything" by Gabe White

Album photography by Jonathan Thorpe (
Art and design by fivefifteencreativ

General -
Marketing - David Maunder -

(C) 2013 Famous For A Century / Ali Miraminy (BMI) / David Whitcomb (BMI) / Peter Christian Fraedrich (BMI) // All rights reserved / Unauthorized distribution prohibited




Famous For A Century Washington, D.C.

The group known as FAMOUS FOR A CENTURY began late 2011 and came into current form in early 2012 with the addition of vocalist ALY MIRAMINI (formerly of The War Within). Begun as the brainchild of drummer DAVE WHITCOMB (Abbot & West) and guitarist PETE FRAEDRICH (The Fostered), the group blends elements of rock and grunge with an electronic edge.

For any inquiries please call (202) 642-2024.
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Track Name: More
Climb to the top only to come crashing down
Oh, god, I gotta get out, gotta get out of this town
No one can see this war that's raging inside me
Oh, I need to find, find some solid ground

Is this everything I've asked for?
No, there's nothing wrong with wanting more
Somewhere deep inside
I know there's got to be more to life

[You] give me reasons only to ignore the truth
But I tell you there's nothing more, no
There's nothing more
Track Name: Collapse
Every day
I know you're suffering the hurt and pain
I've been there with you
Screaming to the world silently

When all you want is to feel like you're not alone

Shine into the darkest part of you
[You can] find inside what you never thought
Collapse into the truth

You feel this way
And it's okay, you take it day by day
The scars that never see the light of day
I feel your pain

Because nothing they can say or do will ever hide the truth
Track Name: Displaced
Lie awake at night
Holding you tight
So I can feel you breathing
Don't know where you are
But you can't be far
I can feel the light from your star

How many times will I close my eyes
'Til I wake up beside you?
How many days will I feel displaced
Oh, my heart will remember

Stand by your side
But now I realize
[I] was never yours like you were mine
But I'm still awake
Hoping every day
You will take my heart and you'll say
Track Name: Calm
Pulled in a thousand directions
Simply hope to rest
I swear I'll find a connection
Somewhere in the midst of this mess
Windblown in all directions
No solace to silence the pain
I swear on my heart I'll find what I need
Lost upon the sea

For six months I waited patiently still
Choking on the salty blue ocean
Living by the strength of my will

Six days and nights I drifted on
And over horizons again
Trying to catch a sliver of hope
Flying on the wings of the wind
Track Name: Everything
I, I hear you speak
I feel you breathe
Somewhere in my mind
And time, you were my friend
But it's not the end
Of my life

I'm sorry I can't see
You're over me
You're over me
I'm sorry I can't be

And they, they heard you say
That you wouldn't stay with me
But I, I must have been blind
To not see the signs
But not this time

I still remember all that you said
All of these words inside my head
These silent lies, complacence
And no apologies
Made me wonder all of this time
What I've done with my life
Take it all so I can never
Love again
Track Name: Shallow Seas
I find myself at a place that I have been before
Staring at the sunset on som long forgotten shore
Alone with the burdens I carried all before

Do I sail on the shallow sea
Forgetting what's beneath
Or dive beneath the surface
And find my life complete
Have I become the monster I see
Only in my dreams?
Afraid to risk my heart
Of losing everything

Sometimes I can see her invading my dreams
Clutching her heart, drifting off to sleep
But peace is but a lie to violent men with violent dreams